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Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eyes Wide Open!

With Cream Eyeshimmer......perfect as hilite on the brow bone.....hilite on the upper
cheek area......fabulous as eyeliner......and truly gorgeous as eyeshadow....So Many
Options..... You can even apply a dab to the center  of your lips to create a fuller look.
Who knew that this petite product had this many possibilities.....HAVE FUN with your
E & K Eyeshimmer......available in several colours.....my favourites include "White Diamond",
and "Oh Baby".

Totally Cute!

They are back!  Adorable purse size Kiss Me Mascara Mini's...
just $5.95 each (incl HST).  Although petite in size....this mascara
will last at least 2-3 weeks.....perfect for travel!

Yonka News!


ROSE - Replenishing Massage Oil Candle. All the magic of a creamy massage candle
that morphs into a precious ointment, tepid and smooth.  The silky softness of soothed
skin, via the shea butter and andiroba oil; protected by mango butter which is rich in
Vitamin E. Enjoy moments of perfect harmony and true serenity made unforgettable
by the delicate aroma of Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil.     Enjoy!