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"Make healthy skin and aging well, a part of your daily life."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March at FV

Spa Blackboard......

Skin Matters
"Hydrate with Masque No.1"
A time release,  intense moisture treatment with Imperata Cylindrica extracts.

Going South?
Self Tan with SUNGLOW Moisturizing Milk.  This product produces a
sun-kissed natural tan look on your face and body.
Tan Pronlonger;  a low level self tanning product that leaves your skin soft
and satiny, with fine gold shimmering particles.  Your skin will have a
beautiful iridescent glow!


Bonne Mine....maybe you're interested in just a warm sunny complexion.
Consider this 3-in-1 Yonka Product:
1. Tinted Moisturizer
2. Self Tanning for a radiant glow
3.Anti-oxidant and anti-ageing ingredients.

E & K Cosmetics...Makeup & Go

Make you Blush with "SWEET CHEEKS".
A wonderful creamy colour pot for the "pillows of your cheeks"!
(P.S. can be used on your lips...for that instant wow factor).

Colourproof Your Lips & Cheeks!
Try this super easy gel stain.....no makeup brushes needed....with your finger, apply
to your cheek area and/or lips*******2 great colour choices available!
*bombs away (burgandy/pink)
*red licorice
*$22.00 (including HST)

Makeup Brush Sets
A great starter collection of brushes including:
*powder brush (large)
*blush brush (medium)
*eyeshadow flat brush
*eyelash/eyebrow comb brush
*$19.95 (including HST)